Tue, Dec 1

Happy Birthday Loree
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Helen on Oct 16, 2020 (46 days ago)

Bingo Bango

WOD: Rounds-Rx3
18 minute AMRAP
Focus: Lactic Threshold Effort
Red- 15/12 Calorie Row
12 Power Cleans, 115/85#
9 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 30/24#
Blk- 13/10 Calorie Row
12 Power Cleans, 95/65#
9 Burpee Box Jump or Step Overs, 24/20#
Wht- 11/8 Calorie Row
12 Power Cleans, 75/45#
9 Burpee Box Jump or Step Overs, 20/12#

Notes: The goal is to keep moving. Choose
a weight that you can cycle 25+ reps when
fresh. Also, the bar movements should be
completed with no more than two quick

0% 0%
1st5 Lindsey P Today!
2nd4+30 Sheree Today!
3rd4+28 Loree Today!
1st6+12 Nathan Today!
2nd5+15 Chase A Today!
Corey H Today!
3rd5 revis Today!

Nathan6+12 Rx
Corey H5+15 Rx
Chase A5+15 Rx
revis5 Rx
Lindsey P5 Rx
Sheree4+30 Rx
Loree4+28 Rx
Dylan K4+27 Rx
Bryan N4+9 Rx
Grayson4+2 Rx
Taylor C5+32 Rx2
Katy5+20 Rx2
Melissa H5+16 Rx2
Kassie5+12 Rx2 12cal row, 65#, box jump overs
ivette5+12 Rx2 12cal/85lbs/24# step overs
Tonya4+22 Rx2
Taylor H4+15 Rx2
Bryan R4+11 Rx2
Kristy4+6 Rx2
Hope3 + 27 Rx3 40#, 20” box jump overs
Marguerite3++ Rx3
Justine6:30pm...3 2 1 GO!
Stephen S6:30pm...3 2 1 GO!

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